Jeri Muoio

Jeri Muoio was elected Mayor of the City of West Palm Beach in March, 2011 and re-elected in 2015. She previously served on the West Palm Beach City Commission for four years and was reelected twice.

Mayor Muoio has presided over an economic resurgence in West Palm Beach. Her focus on strengthening the economy has led to the creation of thousands of new jobs. Her vision of a more efficient government with streamlined processes for economic development has made West Palm Beach an attractive city in which to do business. Mayor Muoio has also overseen the creation of the Flagler Financial District and, with other stakeholders, is attracting global financial firms to the City.

Under Mayor Muoio’s leadership, the City has earned the highly coveted 4-STAR Community rating. She opened an Office of Sustainability to implement programs to protect the City’s precious resources, to promote resilience, and to combat the threat of climate change. She is currently leading the City’s effort to develop a mobility network for today and tomorrow by creating a transportation system that is friendlier for all users including pedestrians and bicyclists.

Mayor Muoio understands that investing in our youth is key to the city’s future. She implemented the Mayor’s Village Initiative to focus on African-American boys and young men in the City’s North End. Under her leadership, the City partnered with other agencies to help at-risk youth develop skills needed for jobs and a Neighborhood Accountability Board — based on the principles of restorative justice —for first-time misdemeanor offenders ages 12-to-18. Through the Mayor’s Youth Council, Mayor Muoio helps develop the next generation of leaders.

Take Away

Mayor Muoio holds a doctorate in Education Leadership from Syracuse University and worked for many years as a school district leader. You will learn from a mayor’s perspective how to serve your community effectively.

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