Walter Bond

Walter Bond made it to the NBA, but he didn’t stop there. Where many would consider a career with the Utah Jazz, Detroit Pistons and Dallas Mavericks some of life’s greatest achievements, Walter saw it as a jumping off point. A catalyst that launched him into what he was made to do. His experience on and off the court prepared him for a thriving career in business coaching, mentorship, and public speaking.

His journey to the NBA was not an easy one, but instead of seeing obstacles, Walter saw opportunity. While some may have complained about being on the bench as a college basketball player, Walter used it as an opportunity to hone in on the fundamentals every team needs to be successful. It is this mind shift, these simple yet powerful concepts, that has allowed Walter to reach massive audiences, long after his days on the court were over.

Walter weaves both inspirational anecdotes and action steps together in his engaging storytelling style and commands the audience with confidence. Walter’s relentless commitment to helping get entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales teams and eager employees to the next level is what sets him apart from the rest.

Take Away

Walter is far more than an NBA player. He is a renowned business coach, an author, a high-profile speaker, a business owner, a father, a husband and a friend. He is a breath of fresh air for businesses across the country that are eager to get to the next level. Walter shares proven methods for turning obstacles into opportunities and great teamwork principles.

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